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Our firm was featured in Florida Funeral Directors Magazine in 2000 which pointed out that we were "One of Florida's oldest and busiest" funeral homes. Prices are quoted for the basic services we provide. These costs should be used as the main source of comparison with other funeral home's pricing.

These are funeral home package prices for our most used services. They include all the items usually furnished for these services by the funeral home. They do not include a casket or any cemetery or outside costs (flowers, death certificates, clergy, musician, etc.) and they assume that death and services will occur in South Brevard County. A complete and itemized General Price List can be obtained by stopping by the office or prices are available over the phone. In your time of need we hope you will consider Brownlie - Maxwell Funeral Home. Please call our office or email us to set up an appointment at your convenience.

Direct Cremation
Ship Out/Direct
Ship Out/ Serv.
Gift to Science
Graveside Service
Traditional Burial

US government information on caskets, burial vaults as well as other funeral information is available at or 1-877-FTC-HELP.

    Looking For Flowers?

Below are some florists we work with regularly. They have agreed to allow us to put their name and phone numbers on our site. We are not affiliated with them in any way and have no financial connections at all. You may contact them direct and order anything you wish to be delivered to a funeral and expect to receive full value. They will call us to verify the correct time and day for delivery.

Country Charm Florist
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All City Florist
321-768-8333 or toll free 888-768-8333
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