Brownlie & Maxwell Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have to embalm everyone?
A. No, embalming is only necessary for open casket services and International transport. It is a practical requirement in shipping from state to state, inside the US, but not necessary. Neither is it necessary for Direct Cremation, Cremation with a Memorial Service (body not present), Immediate Burial or any service with a closed casket. Some religions do not allow embalming.

Q. Can we rent a casket for cremation?
A. Yes the cost is $500.00

Q. How long do we have to wait between the time of death and when we get the cremated remains back?
A. Law requires a wait of 48 hours, but it also requires that if the paperwork is not finished we must wait longer. So if there is a weekend involved or the doctor or Medical Examiner takes an extra amount of time, that 48 hours is extended. Usually everything can be done within 1 week.

Q. If we do not embalm can we see the deceased again?
A. Yes, in a service with a closed casket it can always be opened for the family if requested. In Direct Cremation, Memorial Service and Immediate Burial, a small family only or identification viewing can be arranged, usually for a variable fee $75.00 to $250.00 depending on the amount of work necessary.

Q. Can we preplan our funeral?
A. Yes.

Q Is there a charge for preplanning?
A. No.

Q Can we prepay if we want to.
A. Yes. Any funds paid in advance and kept in our trust will freeze all funeral home and merchandise costs forever. Only the outside costs will be adjusted as to the actual outlay of funds at the time of death.

Q. What if we move or change our minds?
A. Anything prepaid is 100% refundable at anytime.