Janet Pauline Hayden Byrd Lough Baker

Born on January 14, 1950 in Miami, Florida
Departed January 9, 2023 in Palm Bay, Florida

If you are reading this, I have crossed over and my friend has posted this to you.

My name is Janet Pauline Hayden Byrd Lough Baker. I was born to Jesse “Pete” Hayden and Margaret Cooper, January 14, 1950 in Miami, Florida.

My parents were native Floridians, as were their parents.

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Debbie Murray from Vero Beach wrote on January 24, 2023:
To all of Janet's extended family and friends, Janet asked me to share a few of her thoughts. Please don't be sad if I have passed on, I want you to celebrate my life and the special relationships that we've all had the privilege to share. Have a party and celebrate, Be Happy. Be Happy for me because I will be with my God, my family and my loved ones. I'll be with all 3 of my husbands, Bobby, Harl, and David. Laugh and be joyful for the love that we all shared together. My life was filled with love, and YOU contributed to that LOVE. When I was a little girl, my wish for my life wasn't for fame or riches, it was for love. To be loved and give love. God blessed me with an abundance of love from my family, my friends, and all 3 of my wonderful husbands. I never had any children by choice, but when I was 22, I met a 10-year-old beautiful auburn haired boy that captured my heart. He became and still is my little brother and my surrogate son. Chip, I love you and always will. Although I know you will be, don't be sad, be happy, happy that we had over 47 years together. No words can express how much I LOVE you all and how grateful I am for all of your friendships and Love.
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