Joseph Cucchiara

Born on July 15, 1952 in Honolulu, Hawaii
Departed November 8, 2022 in Orlando, Florida

Joe was extremely intelligent and kind hearted. He was strong-willed, in that anything Joe put his mind to he could accomplish. He was an individual character and not easily influenced by other opinions. Never afraid to express his point of view, he enjoyed conversations where differing viewpoints were heartily discussed. Those who knew Joe understood that his gruff exterior only packaged a soft and loving heart.

He worked for the railroad in Cumberland, Maryland until a train accident ended that line of employment. He moved to Florida and worked in air conditioning and heating until retirement. His main hobby in Maryland was racing cars, where he modified cars and rebuilt engines for racing. He liked fishing, both fresh water and salt water. In Florida, brackish and salt water fishing became his passion and he enjoyed many years of fishing on his boat in the Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean. Of course he shared his catch with friends and family, Snook, Red Drum, Black Drum, Groupers, Wahoo…the best! He served honorably in the United States Navy.

One could always call on Joe for advice. He was a wealth of information on a variety of subjects. Joe was mechanically inclined and helped his nephews with car repairs. He repaired many family and friends air handling units. Joe was always there for us, we could call him and ask his advice about anything and he would provide relevant feedback. “Joe I have a problem with this… well did you think of this or did you try that?” His willingness to help others will be sorely missed.

Joe was always appreciative when we paid him a short visit. It made his day to receive a holiday plate or home-made carrot cake, which occurred on several occasions. He loved animals and adopted a few pets along the way from family and friends, who either needed someone to care for their pet or realized that their pet’s heart actually belonged to Joe.

Joe expressed his love of God when attending services. If you could imagine a big independent guy brought to tears in the presence of the sacrament of Jesus. Oh merciful God, grant everlasting peace for your child Joseph, through Jesus Christ.

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