Anirude Motie

Born September 10, 1952 in Leonora, Guyana.
Departed on January 9, 2021 in Melbourne, Florida

Anirude Motie, age 68, passed on January 9th, 2021. Fondly known as Jai to his family, he was a beloved partner, brother, father, uncle, grandfather and granduncle. He has touched so many lives with his calm and thoughtful compassion. He dedicated his life’s work to his patients. He opened All Animal and Bird Hospital in 1988 and practiced veterinary medicine for over 40 years. He will be loved and missed by all who knew him.

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Justin Paoletta from Orlando wrote on February 1, 2021:
This man was SO genuinely KIND. My heart hurts for his staff, his family, his patients. The world has lost a good one. My story as to why Dr. Motie was the greatest vet in the world. My wife and I had to save up money for a surgery for our little doggo. Dr Motie knew it took us about 6 months to get enough together. When he started operating he noticed something else was wrong with our little guy and that it wouldn’t be safe to continue without also taking care of that too. I forget the exact cost of this but it was at least a few extra grand that we didn’t have. Dr Motie told us when we came to pick our boy up that he had to do the extra operation and that normally it would be x amount of money. He never asked us to pay it... he immediately said “I know you guys had to save up for this and it was better for “Mikey” to have this taken care of... Happy Thanksgiving ❤️“ Everyone will remember this man for his incredible kindness. I’m glad to say he was my Vet!
Keith and Margie Koelling from Melbourne wrote on January 28, 2021:
Our deepest sympathy to Dr. Moties family. He was a wonderful person and was our vet for 20 years.
Jennifer Danao from Melbourne wrote on January 27, 2021:
He took care of Mochi my puppy he was absolutely wonderful and will be missed dearly
Pam Baran and Kiwi from Merritt Island wrote on January 26, 2021:
I tried reaching Dr. Motie on the phone today; several times. When not getting an answer, I drove to his office in Melbourne ..... only to see a notice on the door stating Dr. Motie had passed. I cried all the way home, thinking of what a kind, compassionate and caring doctor he was. Always had time to talk with you...not at you. Always willing to share his knowledge. I meet Dr. Motie in 1989 and he was the vet for all 3 of my feathered friends. My sympathies to the Motie family. May you rest in peace Dr. Motie. You were the best.
Pam Baran and Kiwi from Merritt Islamd wrote on January 26, 2021:
Dr. Motie was my avian vet since 1989. He was very caring and compassionate and would take time to "talk" with me matter what my questions were...and there were many as a new bird owner. When I couldn't get the office by phone today, I drove to down to Melbourne from Merritt Island. I was shocked ... still am .to see the notice of his passing on the door. I cried all the way home. My sympathies to the Motie family. And may you rest in peace, Dr. will be truly missed by were the best!
Parbattie Singh from Wayne, nj wrote on January 24, 2021:
Also of Leonora Seafield, just heard the sad news of Dr. Motie’s passed away. My brother, Teeka, were very close and went to Leonora Govt. school together, he migrated to Canada but has passed on. I ask God’s blessings on Dr. Motie’s family. May you find the courage and strength to move forward in peace and confidence and in knowing that Dr. Motie’s was a life well- lived.
Curt, Brenda, and Pete Berckhemer from WestMelbourne wrote on January 23, 2021:
Just found out about Dr Motie death and we are shocked and sadden, was this best vet we had. Will be missed
Joannah Booth from Palm Bay wrote on January 21, 2021:
Our family was very sad to hear of Dr. Motie's passing. He was a trusted & compassionate vet that understood that our pets were "family" and he treated each one that way. Our most sincere thoughts & prayers of peace & strength, to the Motie family.
Brenda Dunham from Palmbay wrote on January 20, 2021:
I am so sorry. Dr. Motie had a heart like no other for both his love for animals and their owners. He always took the time to explain the situation with kindness In difficult decisions. You will be truly missed.
Judi Maiorani from Palm Bay wrote on January 19, 2021:
I concur with all the thoughts and tributes to Dr. Motie. He was my vet for 28 years and took a personal interest in every pet. He was a hands-on vet and I completely trusted him with my animals. I am deeply saddened that we have lost a terrific vet, friend and member of our community. I will miss him forever.
Danielle channels from Palm Bay wrote on January 18, 2021:
I am so very sad to learn of Dr.Motie’s passing. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I loved Dr.Motie and will forever be grateful for the care he provided my fur baby. He truly loved animals and was so genuinely passionate about animals. He has been part of this town for so many years and he will truly be missed. Thank you for all the years of heartfelt care you provided. ♥️
Kathy Salyers from West Melbourne wrote on January 18, 2021:
I just called the office and am shocked and saddened to hear the voicemail addressing Dr. Motie’s passing. We moved here from Indiana in 2014 and one of his frequent sayings to me when I questioned him was “You’re not in Indiana anymore!”. Our min pin Jerry was put down in July and he let us stay as long as we could. He’s been treating Karma, our male chihuahua, on and off recently and he always would call him “her”. Our youngest dog Max (11) did not see him other than his annual checkups.....I forgot, he did a teeth cleaning and found a hidden tooth behind a mass. I will so miss him and my sympathies to Veronica and his staff.
Lynn Angiel from Palm Bay wrote on January 18, 2021:
The day I learned of Dr. Motie's passing was a blow to my heart, as losing a precious family member. The gift he was to us as a veterinarian is immeasurable. He was there at some of the hardest, and worst times we have experienced. Always patient with my endless worries and questions, and always encouraging for better days, and compassionate when there were no more days to be had. I cannot imagine never seeing his smile, talking over the crazy mishaps that he made turn out okay, or just talking about different things. He always had time for you, and his caring was genuine. To say he is going to be greatly missed as our babies doctor goes without saying. But he will be greatly, and sorely missed for who he was. My heart goes out to his family, and to everyone who loved him, and will be left with a great void at his passing. We will miss him forever. Rest in peace precious one, and may strength and comfort be upon those left behind. ♥️
Robert Mintz and Shanie from West Melbourne wrote on January 18, 2021:
I was so sorry to hear of Dr Motie's passing. He was the best avain trained vet in Melbourne. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him. RIP Dr. Motie and sincere condolences to his family.
Anne Booth from West Mebourne wrote on January 17, 2021:
I am saddened to hear of Dr Motie’s passing. He has taken excellent care of my animals for over 20 years. He is leaving very large shoes to fill. Eternal rest.
Alice Hayes from Melbourne wrote on January 17, 2021:
I am shocked and saddened by the news of the passing of Dr. Motie. I was a new client and enjoyed talking to him. He was so gentle with my pets. RIP
Patti Hakanson from West Melbourne wrote on January 15, 2021:
I am so saddened and shocked at just learning of Dr. Motie's passing 🙁 We have had Dr. Motie taking care of our birds for close to 12 years. he was always so gentle, kind and caring. He was always there when you needed him. There will be no one like him. Rest In peace my friend and thank you for all of your care....
Derrick McQuern from West Melbourne wrote on January 14, 2021:
Dr. Motie was a treasure in the Melbourne community providing sage guidance and advise in the care and love of our furry friends. I will sorely miss his personal interactions and gentle hand in the physical and emotional wellbeing of owner and pet. You will be sorely missed by us.
Cheska Walter from Melbourne Beach wrote on January 14, 2021:
My condolences to the family and friends of Dr. Motie. I will be forever grateful that he was always there when my furry kids needed him. I will always remember him coming out to the waiting room in between patients; sometimes to follow up on the dogs, to patiently answer more questions and sometimes just to talk. He made me feel safe as I knew my dogs were in good hands. He was a wonderful human who will be missed.
Michele Emans from Melbourne wrote on January 13, 2021:
I’m just so sad to know Dr. Motie has passed. And I’m so sorry for those that knew and loved him too. He cared for my standard poodle “Lizzie“ so, so many times over the last 13 years. Although I have been graced by her presence for only the last 5 years, a vet tech at his office was first mom, then another beloved client, now me. Oh the stories he loved to tell of her life. He knew her as a special spirit as I do. I will so miss the wonderful staff. Thank you all. I will miss the frequent bird friends at the sang opera:) Dr. Motie shared so many stories of his own life, I am so grateful to have come to know him as a fellow human being and for his veterinarian skills that saved my Lizzie’s life more than once.
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