Elaine Green

Born September 21, 1938 in Bronx, New York.
Departed on November 28, 2020 in Melbourne, Florida

Born in 1938 in the borough of Manhattan, Elaine Green grew up near the exciting city of skyscrapers, subways and lights known as New York City. She lived in a cute town house in the Bronx. She became experienced, strong, smart and confident. She sometimes had to walk through blizzards to get to the school bus stop or to work when she was young. She had a wonderful mother and father who brought her up with good morals and values and she loved them very much. She was the youngest of three children who also loved her very much and she loved them dearly.

At an early age Elaine moved to Miami, Florida with only $200 in her pocket. All by herself!! Pretty remarkable for a woman in her twenties to have the ambition and courage to make such a move. She then met my father and they procreated three children! All boys!! My mom loved all of her children and always treated us with kindness, care and unconditional love while still maintaining a career as a bookkeeper. Being a single mother responsibly paying all of her bills on time while taking care of three young rambunctious boys was one of her many attributes. She was extremely responsible, neat and organized and was a good role model for anyone fortunate enough to meet her. She then moved to the beautiful city of Melbourne, Florida where she has resided ever since. Elaine loved animals and enjoyed the outdoors. She really enjoyed reading her books and was a huge fan of classic movies from her time era. She loved to dress nice and look good wherever she went and had dignity and elegance. She was intelligent and open-minded and would always listen when we had something to say. We will miss her dearly and the world will not be the same without her. From all of her loved family and friends, we would like her to rest in peace and we all pray for God to bless her soul.

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Lance Green from Honolulu wrote on December 23, 2020:
My mom lived a good life. She was adored by her father, mother, brother, sister, nieces, cousins, sons, friends and her cats. Even our neighbors loved her. There was a certain level of greatness that she exhibited, but only people who were close to her would know this. She was kind, helpful, generous, funny, witty and dependable. I always remember stories she told me about how when I was a little kid, she would save me the best piece of meat available for me. Her top priority was making sure I had the best treatment, and that never changed over time. As a woman, she was a fantastic mother, worker, and caregiver to her mother when she was sick. I never got to meet her father, but I am sure she was there for him in his time of need too. My mom was an unselfish and loving person who did not deserve her horrible fate. I am sure she would have lived to 100 had it not been for this horrible disease that took away her life. I only wish I was able to speak to her before her time. I regret not being there for the last 5 years. I will live with that forever, but just know, I loved my mother dearly, and I hope she is back with her father Thomas, mother Ella, and favorite cat Sam. Maybe they are all together smiling now, and happy they escaped this horrible situation that we all face now. I love you mom. You always treated me well, and I am lucky to have had you raise me to be the person I am today. I dream about you all the time. Please forgive me if I was not there for you in the end. I will join you someday soon. Love, Lancey Poo.
Virginia Levy from Port St Lucie, Fla wrote on December 9, 2020:
Elaine and I worked together in the A&P Tea company 60 years ago. It was my first full time job and we had a ball. We used to go to the bars, picnics and many great parties. It was the best time of our lives. When Elaine moved to Florida I visited her in Miami and I have some pictures of her sons, who I never met, that I'll bring to her memorial service when you have it. We hadn't seen each other in 40 years and when she saw that I lived in Port St Lucie, 2 hours from her, she called and we met for lunch. I was going to come up to Melbourne when the covid was gone and we planned on haven't lunch again, but I guess that's not to be. RIP dear "old" friend. Virg (she was the only one that called me that).
Patrick Rosa from PORT JEFFERSON STATION wrote on December 6, 2020:
I first met Elaine when i was 16 years old. Elane was 15 years old. I moved from Italian East Harlem to the Bronx on Haviland avenue. Elaine lived right across the street from me. We struck up a friendship and went many places together. She loved Times Square in Manhattan so we frequently went to the Paramount or Astor theatres when a new movie was showing. After the movie we would go to the famous Jack Dempseys restaurant for cheese cake and coffee. the best was going to White Castle hamburgers and watch the car hops delivering the food on roller skates and fixing the trays to the car window. We enjoyed dancing at Holy Cross catholic church & hanging out with our friends in Clauson Point the Bronx. I have not seen Elaine for over 40 years and just started talking to her on the phone. We would talk about old times. the last time i saw her is when she came to New York with her 3 boys and mother. i met them in the lobby of the World Trade Center (twin towers). I am so sorry she contracted this terrible virus and my condolences go out to her boys and family.
valerie from Coral Springs wrote on December 6, 2020:
She was not just an aunt but also a best friend. I've been thinking of all the fun we had together. As a kid she took me to Orchard and Jones Beach, ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza, Maine where we picked blueberries and got attacked by deer flies and laughed so hard we could barely walk home. There were so many other places and good times. As an adult we used to go out partying together. We had so much in common. We could talk about anything and everything. We still talked frequently on the phone right up until last week. She had the best sense of humor and I still can't believe we won't have all these laughs together anymore or that I won't hear her voice again. I love her so much there just aren't any words. She will always live in my heart.
Noelle Sims from Bowling Green wrote on December 6, 2020:
Dearest Aunt Elaine, I'm still in such shock having to write this. It doesn't seem real.. I will miss our conversations and just being able to be around you. I loved all of your memories you shared. You made every moment of your life seem so exciting and were always so positive. I'll miss your hugs. And your laugh!!! It was the BEST laugh❤ My kids loved you so much and will cherish the times they had with you forever!! Your spirit was one in a million and I will always, always remember you and our times together. Until we meet again Aunt Elaine, rest in peace and grace 🙏 xoxoxo I Love You!! Noelle
Sue Trofibio from Palm Bay wrote on December 6, 2020:
Elaine, I will certainly miss you and will always think of you often. Thank you for always being sympathetic with issues I shared over the years-especially about my oldest son and my younger special needs little man. We were always in tune with each other whether it was just daily activities or about stories growing up in NY. And about our our connection of working together at Blue Marlin Pools. Until we meet again, Elaine, know that you were loved by all that knew you💌💌💌
Patrick Rosa from PORT JEFFERSON STATION wrote on December 6, 2020:
Elaine and I first met when i moved to the bronx from manhattan when i was 16 years old. she was 15.Elaine lived right across the street. we went to movies together especially taking the subway down to times square to see special movies like ON THE WATERFRONT. after the movie we would go to Jack Dempsys restaurant to have cheese cake and coffee. we use to get a kick of the bar hops at the white castle hamburgers. they were on roller skates bringing trays to hook on to your car window. we stayed together for about 2 years and then drifted apart. i have not seen Elaine for over 40 years. the last time was when she brought her 3 boys and mother down to the twin towers trade center where i worked. I started talking on the phone with her recently and i was anticipating visiting her after this covid virus is eradicated. we had much fun together especially the dances at Holy Cross in Clauson Point the Bronx. my condolances to her 3 sons and her older sister June.
June Ford from Melbourne Beach, FL wrote on December 5, 2020:
Elaine was my best and dearest friend. I was sixteen when she was born and I baby sat for her many times. She was most precocious as a child and extremely bright for her age. As years went by we became the closest of friends and shared many stories about our experiences and had many laughs together about life in the old homestead. I can’t imagine life without Elaine. We were very close and I still expect a phone call from her. I loved her dearly and miss her terribly. If it were possible, I feel she wants to communicate with me and tell me about her new life. I look forward to seeing her one day. At 98, it might be sooner than I think. God Bless you little sister. I love and miss you, Junie
mike mirabella from 11 Gaymor road Hauppauge Long Island n.y.11788 wrote on December 4, 2020:
Elaine and I went to high school together in the bronx.I will miss her and the correspondence we have had my condolence to Ken and your family Mike
Barb Kyle from Cocoa Beach wrote on December 4, 2020:
Elaine, I'll miss your smile and sparkle more than anything else. Not only did you always looked great, but that twinkle in your eye came naturally. I've rarely met anyone with more zest for life and sense of adventure, even when those adventures were more in conversation than action. Keeping your number in my phone, just because. xxoo
Lynne Geras from Lauderdale by the Sea wrote on December 4, 2020:
Elaine was my Mother's first cousin but she was much closer to me in age....only 9 years older. For the first 8 years of my life, my family lived in the top floor apartment of the townhouse owned by Elaine's parents, Tom and Ella. Then we moved to our own home 4 doors away. So I grew up with Elaine as a sort of older sister. She was beautiful, generous and kind and I always looked up to her as an icon of fashion, femininity, grace and strength. Rest in peace dear Cousin Elaine. You will be missed by all who knew and loved you.
Darla Bleau from Melbourne wrote on December 4, 2020:
I met Elaine while I was dating her son Ken Green. Elaine was very kind and gracious to me, she was easy to talk to and we'll informed on many topics. Her style and grace was a pleasant attribute that women should aspire to be like. I had the opportunity to spend time with her during Hurricane Matthew, we stayed at my townhouse and rode out the storm together. Elaine was helpful and never spared a compliment. Elaine did a great job raising her son Ken to respect women, work hard, play hard and to live life to the fullest. It was a joy to be around her and I feel blessed to of had her in my life for that moment in time. I know she will be dearly missed by her son and all of her loved ones. I pray for peace and comfort to her family and friends and know one day we will all be reunited again. Rest in peace sweet Elaine💚❤
Jeffrey Green from Melbourne, Florida wrote on December 3, 2020:
Mom always made sure that I had food in my belly and clothes on my back. She even let me move in with her, when I had no place else to go. She loved her family, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford and the rock-pop band Abba. She also loved animals (especially cats), as well as books, movies and talking on the phone to her family and friends. Unfortunately, she left us very suddenly and I never got to say "goodbye" or a final "I love you". She will surely be missed by all who knew her. Rest in peace, Mom.
Sherry (Green)Marple from Gallatin wrote on December 3, 2020:
Aunt Elaine was always so sweet and accommodating, when we'd be over as kids. I always thought she was so classy. I loved her style. Her clothes and jewely were perfectly matched. I'll never forget, one day she gave me a package of clothes, she didn't want anymore. I was so excited. That day, trying on the clothes, made me feel like a queen. Everything fit. I don't know if she knew, how very special that was for me. I will always love my aunt Elaine. May she be at peace and be united with her loved ones, as she is now with God. SHERRY M
Yvonne mciver from Stuart wrote on December 3, 2020:
Yvonne Mciver
Renee Green from Hollywood wrote on December 3, 2020:
I always remember my Aunt Elaine as a classy lady who was fancy. She always looked so beautiful in her well put together outfits. I don’t ever remember seeing her in casual clothing. She was quite sophisticated and beautiful. She will be missed. Her sons were her life and she was a good mother to them. May her soul rest In peace. I hope she is reunited with all of the others who have gone before her. Lovingly, your niece, Renee
Mary Green from Lake Worth, Florida wrote on December 3, 2020:
I knew Elaine through her marriage to my husbands brother Bob. She was a movie buff and voracious reader. That was the basis for many many discussions. She had a terrific sense of humor and laughed easily. And Elegance was her middle name. Now Elaine Rest In Peace. You've earned it!
Mary Green from Lake Worth, Florida wrote on December 3, 2020:
I knew Elaine through her marriage to Bob, my husbands brother. She was a movie buff and could tell you anything you needed to know about movies. She had a wonderful sense of humor and laughed easily. . Elegance was her middle name. Bye bye Elaine, you will be missed.
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