Elina K. Perez

Born March 3, 2006 in Melbourne, Florida
Departed May 27, 2024 in Orlando, Florida

Elina K. “Lina Bina” Perez, 18, of Melbourne, Florida, passed away on May 27, 2024 in Orlando, Florida at Advent Health. Elina sadly had late on set pulmonary hypertension disease caused by an undetected congenital heart defect. She became sick, was diagnosed and passed away within two weeks with no warning. She was born on March 3, 2006 in Melbourne, Florida.

Elina, known affectionately as Lina Bina or just Lina by those close to her, was a beloved daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend. She is survived by her mother Serena Debesa; her grandmother “K-Ma” Billie Debesa; her bonus grandparents Rick and Jane Schirmer (papa And grandma Jane); numerous cousins and her aunts by choice…Nicole Elwood, Samantha Belli, Samantha Westfall, and many other cherished individuals in her community.

Elina was preceded in death by her uncle Patrick Debesa, who had just recently passed away in 2021 due to covid-19.

In her educational journey, Elina attended Meadow Lane Primary and Meadow Lane Intermediate for her primary education and later went to Sonder Academy and Ember ABA for junior high and high school.

During her high school years Elina briefly worked at Squid Lips, doing vocational rehab for 4 hours a week. She took pride in setting up the restaurant before it opened, diligently preparing the space for guests.

Outside of her academic and work life Elina found joy in her hobbies. She adored animals, books, movies, her playroom, anything Disney related, theme parks, roller coasters, she was adventurous and she loved music. She also loved all of her friends and those she was close to and always wanted to take care of everyone. She was extremely independent and self-sufficient. She had just gone to her first school dance and experienced a lot during her short life and lived it to the fullest.

Elinas’s memorial service and celebration of life will be provided by Brownlie Maxwell Funeral Home at 1010 Palmetto Avenue in Melbourne, Florida 32901. It will be held on Saturday, June 29, 2024 at 2:00 p.m.

Elina touched the lives of all who knew her and will be missed by many.

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melina from palm bay wrote on June 15, 2024:
You are an amazing , you taught us all so much about life , every moment you shared a new thing to learn we love you beautiful, rest easy !
Dawn Bleu from Cameron NC wrote on June 14, 2024:
Beautiful Elina,I never had the greatest opportunity to meet you as I live in NC. I have, however, had the pleasure of getting to witness your beautiful character when your mother( who's over filled with pride) would post pictures, videos and wonderful comments about your lifes journey. You, Elina are your moms pride,joy and evey breath she takes. You are her superhero. You are her Wonder Woman, you make sure to push her when she cannot move. You make sure to send her messages letting her know you are present among her. Serena, my beautiful, with every memory, scent or sound be aware Elina is there with you. 💜 ** there might be two entries from me, I don't see the first entry so I made a new.**
Dawn from Cameron,NC wrote on June 14, 2024:
My deepest condolences. I never had the opportunity to meet you,Elina, in person. I did however witness your many of lifes moments from your mother. Your mother is such a proud full mother of you. Picture, videos and words she would share with the world of her baby girl. You are her life and her greatest love. You will continue to be that in her life when she can't move forward, you Elina, will push her forward. You are your mother's greatest achievement, her super hero,her wonder woman and your presence will never deminish.
Touraine Sugar from Palm Bay wrote on June 13, 2024:
I'm sorry. Nothing I say can change what happened, but I am here for you during this time. My heart hurts knowing that Lina has passed away. I've lost a loved one before and can understand what you may be feeling. Know that it's okay to feel however you want to feel during this time and I will be here for you. May the memories of Lina bring you peace. Your Boss as you call me, Mrs. Sugar
SHADI KAMIAB from MELBOURNE,FL. wrote on June 13, 2024:
OMG,,, I CAN NOT even imagine how hard it is for you to accept the fact, she is not here anymore, several times i attempt to call you, but the trears did not let me. Please except our condolences. We always remember our Elina, as one of our beautiful, intelligent patient.
Zan Kramer from Cornwall wrote on June 13, 2024:
I never had the pleasure of meeting Elina but felt like I knew her from my friendship with her mum. Elina came across as a happy, confident young woman and that can be attributed to her upbringing by her strong, wonderful mother. Rest in peace young lady. ❤️
Ms.Rhonda from Cocoa Beach wrote on June 12, 2024:
Elina, you will forever be missed and loved. I am so sorry for your loss Serena. Elina made everyday a joyful one, her laughter, sense of humor, her sassiness was my favorite. I will never forget dancing to our favorite song “shake it off” and how she would come up with these sayings that would brighten up everyone’s day! She made me me a better person all around! I love you and will miss you dearly.
Skip and Sonja Broome from Clemmons wrote on June 12, 2024:
We were blessed to know Elina. She was a lovely young woman. We continue to pray for you.
Mrs. Ogborn from Palm Bay wrote on June 11, 2024:
I am a better teacher and human because of Èlina! Èlina taught me the true meaning of Girl Power! She taught me to be brave and fight for what I believe in. Èlina gave me the strength to make changes in a broken system. Because of Èlina, I too have Girl Power! I will forever be an advocate for individuals with unique abilities to honor the sweet sassy girl that I had the privilege of being her teacher! I will continue to provide a safe and caring classroom where students know they are forever loved by their teacher!
Amy Hunger from Palm Bay, Fl wrote on June 11, 2024:
My Dearest Lina, I feel so blessed I had the opportunity to work with you at Sonder and Ember. You always made me smile and will forever be in my heart.. ❤️
Jason Zachary and Lisa Cote from Palm Bay wrote on June 11, 2024:
There are no words for this. Although we are deeply saddened for your loss. You Elina were a definite superstar that we all doted on. The times you spent with Zachary.... Irreplaceable... and Jason.... Unforgettable.... We are so lucky to have had her in our lives and we thank you for being there. Love you always... No matter what... 🙏 ❤️ We love you 😘
Mr. Mitch from Venice, Florida wrote on June 11, 2024:
Elina's energy, wit, and strong-willed nature made every day an adventure. She kept us on our toes as she was usually two steps ahead. Her fun-loving attitude brightened up the room. That infectious laughter and warmth will forever remain in our hearts. Elina, "Honey," you are loved and remembered by all who ever had the pleasure of meeting you.
Susan and Terry Davis from Melbourne wrote on June 11, 2024:
Lina Elisi and Pawpaw will always carry you in our hearts.
Nathalie Lelie from Lauderhill wrote on June 10, 2024:
My dearest Elina we have never met in person. You are such a beautiful, smart young lady. Your mom never stops bragging about you. You should have already seen Jesus our God to give you a new body. I do hope you watch over your mom. Remember you are at peace.
Samantha Belli Hobbs from Melbourne fla 32940 wrote on June 10, 2024:
Our hearts are broken gone way too soon my beautiful angel 😇 you will be missed by all of us . I will cherish all of our memories together. I will miss your laugh the most . I am so blessed to have been a part of your life since the day you was born . You brought so much joy into my life. I will forever miss you 😢 rest precious and give uncle pat a kiss 💋 I love u 🥰
Nicole Elwood from Melbourne wrote on June 10, 2024:
Aunt Coley loves you so very much.
Harry Soyka from Melbourne wrote on June 10, 2024:
I am truly blessed to have known Elina, she was always full of joy, and a joy for me tutor her and help her with her academics in the summer of 2014. She will always be in my heart.
K Wigginton from Lower Sackville wrote on June 10, 2024:
So, so sorry for your loss ❤️
Cleo Savala from Jacksonville wrote on June 10, 2024:
Serena I’m so sorry for your loss. Words cannot come close to comforting your loss. Pleas know that I have and will to continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Sissy Hart from Weaver, Alabama wrote on June 10, 2024:
I am so very sorry. Like I said if you need anything I'm always here. Love you.
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