Walter Le Compte

Born May 16, 1952 in Baltimore, Maryland
Departed January 27, 2024 in Melbourne, Florida

Growing up I was definitely a daddy’s girl. My dad was magical, there wasn’t something he couldn’t do. He had the answers to all my questions, and could take away any ache or pain I had. He taught me the importance of loving and respecting all God’s creatures, regardless of how they treated me. He taught me to believe in the unbelievable (if you know my dad you know what I mean) and to never lose faith because God took care of us.

As a child, when something didn’t go my way and I would express how unfair it was (something I did often and I suspect drove him crazy), he would say life is not fair. As I sit here writing this thinking how unfair it is he’s not here, I can hear him say “Life’s not fair pumpkin” and his signature laugh that would follow. I can’t count how many times my dad went without while helping someone else. I’m sure there were many times in his life that his cats ate before he did. He was a big believer in giving back and treating all God’s creatures well.

My father struggled with addiction for many years of his life. Something that was very close to his heart was giving people somewhere to live while being sober and getting back on their feet. My dad opened and ran many sober houses for years throughout his life. I know he found it very rewarding. He was a healer and caregiver by nature. He really took joy in being able to help someone else. When he passed, he was sober for almost 15 years. I hope he realized just how amazing that was. I hope he knew just how proud of him I was/am. I know he was very thankful and loved all his friends in the program. He spoke of them/you often when we talked. There are not enough kind words to express just how big and pure my dad’s heart is. He will be greatly missed and forever in our hearts.

A home is not a home without a cat — Walter Le Compte

If you get a visit from a butterfly or dragonfly, just know he is stopping by to say “don’t worry, be happy”, which was a motto my dad truly lived by!

Please share any memories and/or photos you have of Walter.

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Tim Standish from Eatonton wrote on February 13, 2024:
Funny, witty, loved old movies, lover of cats and fairies. You will be missed and remembered. Love ya
Jillian Lecompte from Lovettsville wrote on February 6, 2024:
I love you so very much and will miss you more than I can say Dad! I’ll be watching for my butterflies 🦋
Joyce Kurtz from Satellite Beach wrote on February 5, 2024:
It was always a pleasure to see Walter and his wonderful gentle ways and encouragement! He always spoke of his love for his beloved wife and his daughter! May he Rest in Peace.❤️
Shelly McCloskey from Lusby wrote on February 5, 2024:
So THANKFUL for you! Never got to meet you but I felt like I knew you! You will be remembered in our family. May you REST IN PEACE! Please watch over your family ♥️
Wood from Melbourne wrote on February 5, 2024:
Walter was a great man and a true friend.

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